Concurrency and Memory Management Seminar, Summer 2012

Prof. Kirsch, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg

Time, Location: Th 10-12 in T04, Techno-Z. First seminar is on Th, March 8, 2012. Check schedule (iCal) for updates.

Brief Overview: Why is concurrency so difficult to handle, on the level of process execution as well as in program development? How can we utilize emerging multicore hardware more effectively? What are the tricks to manage complex systems including memory concurrently, in parallel, and even incrementally? What is the difference anyway? Is garbage collection the final answer to correct and efficient heap management? If you are interested in these and other systems-related questions, sign up for the concurrency and memory management seminar. The seminar provides a unique opportunity to meet other students and discuss hot topics in systems research. Pick a research paper (or problem) provided in class (or propose some other recent paper), read and understand it, and then share your experience with the group.

Goals of the seminar: Learn how to read, understand, and present top research papers and their context.

Prerequisites: Background in basic programming language and operating system concepts.

Requirements: Each student selects a research paper (or problem) and gives a 45min presentation on the paper (or problem), and uploads the presentation to the seminar wiki. Seminar language is English.


  • Andreas Haas presents: Yossi Levanoni and Erez Petran, "An On-the-Fly Reference Counting Garbage Collector for Java". In Proc. OOPSLA. ACM, 2001. Presentation
  • Thomas Herzog presents: A. Dragojević and Tim Harris, "STM in the Small: Trading Generality for Performance in Software Transactional Memory". In Proc. EuroSys. ACM, 2012. Presentation
  • Michael Lippautz presents: Y. Afek, G. Korland, M. Natanzon and N. Shavit, "Scalable Producer-Consumer Pools based on Elimination-Diffraction Trees". In Proc. Euro-Par. Springer, 2010. Presentation
  • Andreas Schröcker presents: Peter Hawkins, Alex Aiken, Kathleen Fisher, Martin Rinard, Mooly Sagiv, "Data Representation Synthesis". In Proc. PLDI. ACM, 2011. Presentation

Technical contact: Andreas . Haas @ cs . uni-salzburg . at
Administrative contact: Adriana . Pratter @ cs . uni-salzburg . at